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Enterprise Privacy Shield™

Secure your email metadata against spymail breaches

MailControl is the leader in enterprise anti-spymail solutions.

What is spymail?

Spymails are emails containing hidden tracking codes that collect metadata about your email engagement. When you open a spymail, the sender of the email receives metadata that lead to privacy infringment and data LOSS.

Your physical location based on IP address
If, when, and how often you open the email
Device, operating system, and browser
If/where you forward

Would you feel comfortable with your email security if it leaked this much metadata?

Learn more in our knowledge base article about spymail.

Why is spymail a threat to businesses?

Spymail puts businesses at risk of both financial disasters and customer reputation nightmares because the metadata it collects can:

  • Expose businesses to legal liability if opened or forwarded by employees
  • Enable outsiders to track physical locations of employees
  • Reveal sensitive internal email activity to outsiders
  • Empower sophisticated social engineering and phishing attacks

Learn more in our knowledge base article about spymail's risks.

MailControl EPS is the first and only enterprise anti-spymail solution

EPS sits on top of your enterprise email server, and disables hidden tracking codes in incoming emails to:

Reduce your legal risk
Help protect confidential information
Strengthen your cyber security
Safeguard employee privacy



Users are protected no matter the device, email app, or web browser


Anti-spymail protection works regardless of end user settings or behavior


Firm-wide activation takes mere minutes; no end user action required


Perserves full HTML email experience


Detailed risk reports generated for your compliance, risk, and information security team


AES-256 encryption on all data; sensitive data is never stored


Metadata protection for your email

You know to remove file attachment metadata; you can now do the same to protect email metadata. Click here to learn more about the Outlook Scanner

EPS Product Sheet

One-pager describing our Enterprise Privacy Shield.

Bloomberg BNA Article on Spymail

Email tracking using invisible ‘‘web bugs’’ (or ‘‘beacons) is now ubiquitous. Web-bugged emails invisibly reveal information such as...

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